Oculus Quest Space Station Menu Home visuals

I discovered that there is a new home virtual reality environment available on the Oculus Quest. The home is a customisable part of the Oculus menu interface. Traditionally with the Oculus Quest you have the Oculus Quest Dome as your default home environment. I’ve stuck with that one since I received my Quest in May last year!

New Oculus Quest Space Station Home Environment

However it turns out there are actually a couple of different Oculus Quest Home environments that you can choose. There’s a Winter Lodge that I can’t remember trying before and the old school familiar of the Oculus Home, the one that I fondly remember from my Samsung Gear VR days.

New Oculus Quest Space Station Home Environment

But this Space Station option is simply breath-taking. I was instantly taken back with how bright and airy the space was. The vastness is wonderful too! I honestly wanted to wander around and explore this new virtual reality space station but my real world playing space wouldn’t allow it. The guardian was put under extreme test conditions as I did my best to push through as far as I could go… It was worth it.

New Oculus Quest Space Station Home Environment

Maybe one day we will be given the teleport functionality so that we can roam free and explore every inch of these virtual environments in future. Or perhaps, one day I will be able to use a space large enough to roam free. I think the teleport option will likely happen first though []-)

Livestream of my first encounter with the New Oculus Quest Home: Space Station

I recommend going and checking it out. In the meantime, above is a video I made to show you what it is like. If you enjoyed my video, I would appreciate a wee thumbs up or if you loved the video then subscribe to my channel for more VR videos. Much appreciated 🙂

All the best

Author: Suzanne Showcasing VR

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